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IT contractor demand climbs to six-month high

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The improvement in demand that IT contractors saw in January consolidated last month, returning such temporary computer professionals with the brightest four-week period since August last year. Publishing its Report on Jobs for February, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation scored IT contractor demand at 53.9 - the highest reading this year and stronger than the quarter which preceded it.

Out of the eight key temporary staff sectors which REC analyses, IT is currently ranked third in the demand stakes – compared with first last year, when demand for such freelance techies was 63.2.

Although that means appetite for contract IT workers is still some way off its peak, and is less than this time a year ago, IT hiring, overall, has clearly returned to end-users’ staffing agendas.According to the February report, IT and Computing is the most sought-after permanent candidate-type out of the seven others, buoyed by shortages of developers, project managers and SAP specialists for full-time openings. Just a single IT skill emerged as scarce on a contract basis – CIM - quite a contrast to the long list of temporary IT skills that REC agents found hard to source in January, when they also struggled to find 10 permanent IT skills. But accompanying first quarter figures pertaining to temporary IT recruitment are said to show considerable demand for C++ candidates, particularly from security and defence sectors. In fact, demand for such developers where they have experience in an embedded or real-time context in either Linux or Windows environment is “strong,” said Jenrick, reflecting on its data.